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Spring 2018 Event Details:
Specialty Dining and Workshops

Online registration for Southern Exposure's Spring 2018 season is now live! For a detailed look at our Spring 2018 schedule, please see the calendar listings below. Reminder: Space is limited, so we urge you to make your reservations now before your favorites sell out. It's fast and easy to do. We strongly recommend using our online registration system. It's fully encrypted and SSL-certified for your complete security and safety. You will receive an online confirmation statement and receipt the same day via e-mail. If you prefer to register by phone, please call (269) 962-1255 during normal business hours.

All events listed below are held on the grounds of Southern Exposure. Space is limited, so we strongly encourage you to register online. Click here to register. We look forward to seeing you soon at Southern Exposure!

Spring 2018 Specialty Dining

Prices for Specialty Dining events include all food, valet parking, 18% gratuity and tax. A full service cash bar is available for your enjoyment. Make your reservations today!

SE-100, Fri., Apr. 6, 6:30 p.m., $80
AN EVENING WITH MOZART: Springtime in Vienna
Spend an evening at Southern Exposure listening to Mozart, one of the most brilliant composers of all time. He began his career as an outstanding violinist and pianist at the age of five, and soon began composing music and later composed string quartets and other forms of chamber music.   While his music soothes your soul, dine on one of our exquisite meals…reported to be one Mozart’s favorite! Register Now

  • Herb Stuffed Mushrooms smothered with a Boursin Cream Sauce
  • Symphony Salad
  • Roast Prime Rib Au Poivre
  • Sweet Potato Soufflé
  • Garden Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Butter
  • Linzertorte (a favorite dessert of Mozart)
  • Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

SE-200, Sun., Apr. 8, 1:00 p.m., $70
AN AFTERNOON IN TUSCANY: As Italian as amore!
Close your eyes and let your imagination flow. Feel the splendor of Italy - surrounded by romance and passion. Come join the Southern Exposure staff in creating an afternoon of simplicity, excitement, and delight as Italy turns to magic. Register Now!

  • Tuscan Sausage, Bean and Broccoli Rabe Soup
  • Chef Elsie’s Italian Salad with a Tuscan Vinaigrette
  • Tuscan Chicken Parmesan
  • Chef Elsie’s Italian Pasta
  • Italian Roasted Vegetables
  • Classic Tiramisu
  • Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

SE-300, Fri., Apr. 13, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
THE YORK: It’s Where Oooh and Ahhh Come Together!
Tonight, we pay tribute to the ancient capital of Yorkshire, York, one of the oldest and largest cities in the United Kingdom, and world renown for hospitality and service. Throughout centuries, travelers from around the world have recognized York as an English symbol of elegance, refinement and for gourmet dining. Register Now!

  • Shrimp Remoulade on Molasses-Buttered Toast
  • Mixed Greens with Pine Nuts and Parmigiano-Reggiano and Herb Vinaigrette
  • Filet of Beef with Roquefort Cream Sauce
  • Herb Infused Smashed Roasted Potatoes
  • Roasted Carrots with Dill and Parsley
  • Chef Elsie’s Chocolate Crème Brûlée
  • Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

SE-400, Fri., Apr. 20, 6:30 p.m., $70 NEW
THE STAFFORDSHIRE: A Taste of Tradition!
Staffordshire is world-renowned for potteries and its first-class restaurants. Flow Blue was introduced in Staffordshire as durable, affordable dinnerware. Much less expensive than porcelain or bone china, Victorians found it most impressive for proper meal presentation. Looking around tonight you will see it serves to impress us still in our lovely, elegant décor. Register Now!

  • Baked Artichoke Dip with Toast Points
  • Spring Medley with Cheese Croutons, Avocado, and Bacon with
    a Creamy Lemony Dressing
  • Roasted Cornish Game Hens with Orange-Glaze Sauce
  • Chef Elsie’s Couscous
  • Roasted Mixed Vegetables
  • Chef Elsie’s Crème Brûlée
  • Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

SE-500, Sat., May 5, 5:00 p.m., $85
CHURCHILL DOWNS: Off and running! (Note: You must be 21 to sign up for this event.)
Get ready for the “most exciting two minutes” in sports. Then prepare to set your taste buds racing because dinner is an odds-on-favorite for a winner right out of the gate! Ladies and gentlemen are encouraged to wear their elegant hats! Register Now

  • Kentucky Derby Bruschetta with Bleu Cheese and Roasted Peppers
  • Spring Asparagus with Smoked Salmon and Gribiche Sauce
  • Winner’s Circle Salad with Shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Grilled Filet Mignon with Bordelaise Sauce
  • Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
  • Oven Roasted Spring Vegetables
  • Secretariat’s Key Lime Pie
  • Louisville Mint Julep & a glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

SE-600, Sun., May 13, 1:00 p.m., $70
THANK YOU, MOM: A trip down memory lane!
In these busy, hectic lives we lead, too often we forget to be thankful to the person to whom we owe our greatest debt of love! Register Now

  • Chef Elsie’s Tomato Bisque Soup
  • Baby Spinach and Field Greens with Applewood Smoked Bacon
    dressed in a Blue Cheese dressing
  • Beef Tenderloin with Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce
  • Mashed Potatoes with Chives
  • Haricot Vert Green Beans with Almonds
  • Chocolate Torte with Raspberry Sauce
  • Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

Spring 2018 Workshops

Prices include all supplies (if applicable), a beverage, dessert and tax. Many workshops include
a full meal; please read the descriptions below for more details. Make your reservations today!

SE-01, Wed., Apr. 4, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
Bring out the rustic elements of a barn with our distressed wood “barn door” complete with iron accents.  This door is perfect for displaying your favorite picture frames, seasonal decor, or a wreath.  You can dress up a shelf, mantel or wall with this unique and versatile decoration idea.  The door measures 18” x 14” wide and comes in a white distressed aged color. There is no bigger trend in interior design than the rustic, out-in-the country look.  You will be reminded of simpler times, our countries heritage, and farm-to-table cuisine.  Chef Elsie will prepare a wonderful farm dinner of yesteryear before creating your barn door and wreath. Register Now!   

SE-02, Thur, Apr. 5, 6:30 p.m., $80 NEW
During our last tour to Machu Picchu, we were introduced to the Inca Civilization and saw first-hand their exceptional gift and capacity for building terraces with irrigation systems. The heart of the Inca religion is their worship of the Sun God, Inti.  In honor of the Inca history, culture, and religion, we have replicated an extremely large sun face casting made of concrete. Spend an evening aging your 23“diameter concrete sun face to display in a prominent setting in your garden…or display on a garden wall. This beautiful and time-honored sculpture will adorn your outside landscape all year round.  Chef Elsie will prepare an enchanting Peruvian inspired cuisine like what we enjoyed in Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Register Now

SE-03, Sat., Apr. 7, 9:00 a.m., $75  
The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. The legend began with sea captains who sailed and returned to the colonies bearing their cargo of fruits, spices, and rum. According to the legend, the captain would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside his home to let his friends know of his safe return from sea. The pineapple was an invitation for them to visit. As the tradition grew, merchants added the pineapple to their signs--and it proudly serves a s our logo as well.  Using a 13”, one-piece birdbath, you will learn the art of white pickling and glazing, a technique frequently used by colonist who settled in the late 1600s to mid-1700s.  Chef Elsie is featured at the beginning of this experience with her rendition of a New England themed breakfast. Register Now

SE-04, Sat., Apr. 7, 1:00 p.m., $85
CONCRETE GARDEN GARGOYLES: Timeless art for your garden!
Gargoyles are a fascinating element of Medieval Architecture.  These delightful, amazing sculptures are most often associated with Medieval Churches and Cathedrals, but they were also used to accentuate English Gothic castles. Gargoyles are recognized as “guardians” of the buildings in the form of abstract symbols designed to ward off evil spirits.  In this workshop, you will enjoy listening to the history and folklore of gargoyles followed by a short lesson on the modern techniques of dry brushing concrete garden statuary.  You will take home an 18” x 22” concrete gargoyle to place in your garden. First, Chef Elsie will tantalize your taste buds with an old English luncheon which we enjoyed on our last overseas tour to England, Wales, and Scotland.
Register Now

SE-05, Wed., Apr. 11, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
FRENCH COUNTRY COW with DINNER: A Taste of Provence!
The Provence fields of lavender and bright sunshine are our favorite part of visiting the countryside of France.   The French country style of decorating, using treasured farm animal’s photos, has made an impression as well.  The resulting look is always charming, old-world, and welcoming.  Quality animal art fits well in both  a country home and elegant, old chateaux. In this workshop, we will be working with a 24” x 14” canvas with a French black and white cow. Using small stringed rice lighting, you will illuminate the back of the canvas to create a beautiful work of art. This French country style of decorating with its warm and casual feel will fit beautifully into your home. Before you create your masterpiece, Chef Elsie will prepare a scrumptious dinner using recipes from the Provence region of France. Register Now

SE-06, Thur., Apr. 12, 6:30 p.m., $75
The grandest garden decor often has the simplistic elegance of nature herself, like this intricately-woven, grapevine sphere all-aglow with glittering white lights. Hang it from a tree limb, light up an entryway, or place it in your garden as the delightful centerpiece. These illuminated, rustic spheres are popular in European Gardens all year round.  Using your splendid yet rustic sphere, you will attach white lights to light up your garden to display throughout the year. Upon your arrival for this perfect evening, you will enjoy a luscious dinner prepared by Chef Elsie. Register Now

SE-07, Sat., Apr. 14, 9:00 a.m., $80
You don’t need to be told when something’s a classic!

While traveling abroad and touring the private garden of Beatrix Potter, author of “Peter Rabbit,” we stumbled across a wonderful antique weathered finish which really catches the eye. Weather staining, moss, and lichen gently ages concrete statuary and settles the piece naturally into your landscape. In this workshop, you will replicate this technique using a twenty-inch concrete rabbit statuary from an early twentieth-century mold…and will surely add elegant sophistication to your garden. To begin this exciting workshop, Chef Elsie will prepare a charming, tasty, and hearty European breakfast believed to be one of the favorites of Ms. Potter. Register Now

SE-08, Sat., Apr. 14, 1:00 p.m., $80
Garden sculptures come in many forms. Garden cairns (stacked rocks) were historically used as markers along trails so the early settlers knew they were going in the right direction. Today we use stacked rocks as a dynamic art medium which naturally draws our attention to the focal point of a garden. In this workshop, you will create a 30-inch stacked-stone totem sculpture for an all-season focal point in your garden. We have collected stones from around the farm and prepared them for your use in designing your own personal rock cairn.  Before the workshop begins, you will enjoy a delicious, robust luncheon prepared by Chef Elsie which will propel and inspire your creative energy flowing in the right direction. Register Now

SE-9, Sun., Apr. 15, 1:00 p.m., $80  NEW 
GLASS CLOCHE with FRENCH LUNCHEON: Life and Art Under Glass!   
Cloche is the French word for “bell”.  The original cloches were large bell-shaped jars that the 19th century French market gardeners placed over plants in spring and fall to act a as a portable miniature greenhouse. At one time, these glass jars covered acres of fields outside of Paris that supplied out-of-season vegetables to the city’s households and restaurants. We use cloches at SE throughout the year to display plants, cover cheese on buffets, or display favorites dishes or mementos. One of our many favorites is the cloche display of moss, eggs and spring memorabilia which will be recreated this evening. The large cloche measures 10” round and 15” tall. Chef Elsie will create a magnificent French inspired luncheon before you create this historical and breathtaking project under glass. We will greet you with our take on a French 75 Martini as you check in. Register Now

SE-10, Wed., Apr. 18, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
SEASONAL TWIG WREATH and DINNER: Borrowed Ideas from Nature!
Add an alluring touch to your seasonal home décor with this 22” twig and silk leaf wreath. Your hand-wrapped wreath with branches and permanent botanicals will complement your spring and summer theme charmingly.  Spruce up the look of your front door, window, or the wall behind the mantel for a spring gathering with this decorative wreath. Chef Elsie will prepare a mouthwatering spring dinner to enjoy before you create, design and wrap your beautiful, seasonal wreath which you will appreciate and relish for years to come. Register Now

SE-11, Thur., Apr. 19, 6:30 p.m., $75
BLUE HERON GARDEN SCULPTURE: Less is many times more!
Michelangelo said, “Every stone has a statue somewhere about it, and it is the task of the sculpture to discover it.” Your choice of garden sculpture gives an outdoor space its unique charm, that certain "something" not found anywhere else. Whether you love the look of metal or carved river rock, or want the durability of both, this workshop will demonstrate a variety of materials that can be used to create a great garden sculpture. This workshop is designed around the Blue Heron and its history and folklore. You will assemble a Blue Heron sculpture using rock and metal. Your Blue Heron garden sculpture is the perfect way to plant permanent cheer in flowerbeds and veggie patches, or lend whimsy to any corner of your yard.  After an exquisite dinner orchestrated by Chef Elsie, you will create your sculpture using crafted metal and stones gathered from the farm.
Register Now

SE-12, Sat., Apr. 21, 9:00 a.m., $70 NEW
MODERN MOSS BALL PLANTER with BREAKFAST: Airy Palette for Your Plants!
Suspended from string and used as hanging planters, hanging moss ball planters are not only historical planters, but look great anywhere in your home or outside in your garden. We enjoy growing orchids, herbs, and ivy in these centuries old art in which a living planter is fashioned using moss. Spend a morning making a pair of these lovely round planters using forms of freeze dried moss and living botanicals. Chef Elsie will prepare an amazing, satisfying breakfast before designing and fashioning these attractive spheres of green, multipurpose planters. Register Now

SE-13, Sat., Apr. 21, 1:00 p.m., $70
SOAPS, OILS, VINEGARS, and SACHETS: A treat to your senses
Some suggest our sense of smell evokes the most powerful memories.  When we close our eyes, and summon the perfume of fruit pies baking, fresh mown grass, line-dried laundry, or herb beds at dusk, we are convinced the nose knows. Spend an afternoon at S. E. learning about the benefits of scents, while creating soap from a goat’s milk base, making herbal sachets, vinegars, and culinary oil.  Aromas created at this workshop will elevate your senses to a new height while adhering to the practical, necessities of daily life. Chef Elsie will do her duty in seducing your senses by preparing an enchanting spring luncheon to initiate your afternoon. Register Now

SE-14, Sun., Apr. 22, 1:00 p.m., $70 NEW
FRENCH BULLETIN BOARD: Vintage Objects with a Fresh French Twist!
Each year we organize our garden seeds on a framed burlap cork board with jute strings and miniature clothespins.  We will recreate this French inspired memory board using a lightly-distress black frame, a burlap-covered cork board surface, and crisscrossing jute strings with small clothespins. Simply place post cards, photos, messages, lists and more to keep your world clutter-free. Spend an afternoon embellishing your 24” x 19” French Memory Board with old photos, décor, and seed packages. Seeds represent renewal, life and sustenance. It gives us hope in the depths of winter and keeps us looking forward to Spring. Seeds in this workshop will be our heirloom classics of quinoa, broomcorn, and scarlet runner beans. Chef Elsie will prepare a garden inspired luncheon complete with an array of her favorite dishes using her “seed sprouts” recipes. Register Now

SE-15, Wed., Apr. 25, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
On a recent S.E. French Riverboat tour, we visited the little French village on of Avalon where we saw villagers plant tin mailboxes with plants of lobelia, coleus, painted plant and impatience. We were able to bring this design home for your enjoyment. This charming French inspired 10” x 14” mailbox is beautifully embossed with a bird motif and crafted from metal distressed to perfection. This tin mailbox is perfect for your mail or for keeping your rooms organized. After the planting season, you can use it in your front porch, foyer, office, bathroom, kitchen recipes, or continue using it as a planter! Enjoy a wonderful French inspired dinner before creating this quaint, whimsical planter. Bon Appetit. Register Now

SE-16, Thur., Apr. 26, 6:30 p.m., $80 NEW
A sustainable approach to dining from your garden!
If you want to expand your repertoire in cooking from the garden, then this workshop is for you.  Chef Elsie and the S.E. team will give in-depth discussion and demonstrations on how to bring your garden favorites from the growing patch to the plate. Recipes, demonstrations, and hands-on preparation will include herbal butters, herbal mustards, appetizers, salads, desserts, grilling and growing herbs and edible flowers. Curtis will share with you his favorite cocktail which includes herbs picked fresh from the garden. Join us for this evening of celebrating the true meaning of farm to table. Chef Elsie will create a wonderful meal you will want to recreate with your family and friends. Bon Appetit. Register Now

SE-17, Fri., Apr. 27, 6:30 p.m., $85
PUT A CORK IN IT: Oh Look, It’s Wine O’clock!
A generous glass of wine is the ultimate party accessory for the upcoming spring season. Place the right vintage red wine in your guests’ hands and they feel well dressed. On a balmy spring night with good friends, these vibrant, soothing wines will make a bold fashion statement. Now add a culinary masterpiece, meticulously prepared and artfully presented. This pairing rounds out the perfect dining and wine experience at S.E. Mouth-watering food and delightful wine belong together, and the satisfaction is in the taste! While Chef Elsie prepares her famous Beef Tenderloin dinner, Curtis will introduce five hand-selected wines straight from his personal wine cellar. Our wine tastings run on love, laughter, and truly good bottles of wine. Register Now

SE-18, Sat., Apr. 28, 9:00 a.m., $75  NEW 
PULLEY PLANTER and 18th CENTURY BREAKFAST: New Roles for Old Pieces!
At S.E., we hang our wedding chandelier on an old hay hoist used by farmers in the 1800’s. The inspiration to use pulleys in our décor was realized while dining at a small café in Venice. Old pulleys are becoming enormously collectible, but also make charming hanging hooks for lighting and floral displays. Smaller size “water-well” pulleys with two buckets attached with roping make astonishing hanging baskets…and can be hung from a ceiling, tree or tall shepherds hook outdoors.  Filled with flowers and seasonal décor, this reproduction pully and tin buckets will be part of your garden décor for seasons to come. Spend a morning stringing, designing, and planting this unique hanging garden. Chef Elsie will prepare an 18th Century style breakfast to commemorate when pulleys were used in the daily course of life. Register Now

SE-19, Sat, Apr. 28, 1:00 p.m., $80 NEW
SMALL GARDEN GATE and PLANTER WITH LUNCH: Decorate with Style!    
Much as the eyes are the window to the soul, a garden gate functions as a window into your yard or garden.  We embrace many styles of garden gates here at the farm.  We use them to decorate walls, mantles, to hang pots and pans from, or to direct “people traffic” down our garden paths. In this workshop, we will make a small 30” x 16” garden gate from re-claimed lumber from an old barn, complete with iron embellishments of hinges and a handle. You will plant and hang a container filled with flowers to adorn your new garden gate decoration. Whether you hang, lean, or stand in your garden, this beautiful design is sure to please all year long. Chef Elsie will prepare a Spring Luncheon Feast for your enjoyment before making this charming garden décor.
Register Now

SE-20, Sun., Apr. 29, 1:00 p.m., $70
An inspiration from the old country!

Hypertufa has been around throughout Europe in various forms since the early 1800s. It originated in England as a replacement for livestock watering troughs which were heavy and hard to move.  English gardeners found that by mixing peat moss, cement, and water they could make a lighter weight version of troughs and other gardening containers.  Hypertufa is strong enough to withstand the freeze and thaw cycle of Michigan winters and over time will develop the characteristics of weathered stone. Spend an afternoon learning the Hypertufa techniques which can be used for any garden container. This process has been applied to a garden container which you will plant with cool weather plants. At the beginning, Chef Elsie will prepare a wonderful feast with recipes she gathered on a recent S.E. trip to York, England. Register Now

SE-21, Wed., May 2, 6:30 p.m., $75
A LOVE AFFAIR WITH LAVENDER: The essence of a prized herb!
There is documented use of the herb Lavender for over 2,500 years. Egyptians used lavender as perfumes…the Romans used it as oils in their baths…and it’s also mentioned in the Bible. Spend an evening at S.E. learning the history of this incredible herb. Upon your arrival, Chef Elsie will prepare a Lavender inspired dinner using old French recipes. Afterwards, each guest will prune and trim a Lavender Topiary and infuse lavender to make Lavender Soap using techniques learned while visiting a lavender farm on a recent S.E. overseas tour to France. Register Now

SE-22, Thur., May 3, 6:30 p.m., $80 
Traditions meet art!

Bottle Sculptures are common in the Southern United States where legend portrays them to capture evil spirits.  We first saw them on a S.E. tour to Africa where legend has it that the noise made by the wind across the mouth of the bottle traps evil and then is killed by the sun’s rays.  Typically, a metal frame or pieces of rebar are placed in the ground and topped with inverted wine bottles. For a creative take on a bottle tree, blue wine bottles are looped onto pieces of rebar making a unique and whimsical sculpture. This four feet colorful and playful bottle sculpture with re-purposed wine bottles will give your garden year around protection with its rich folklore and design. Chef Elsie will have a wonderful Southern-inspired dinner before creating your bottle sculpture rich in tradition and folklore. Curtis will greet you with beautiful Sangria from an age old recipe from his Tennessee roots. Register Now

SE-23, Fri., May 4, 6:30 p.m., $80 (Note: You must be 21 to sign up for this event.)
GARDEN TO GLASS MIXOLOGY: Take a trip back in time!
Join us this evening as S.E.’s bar manager, Angie Frederick, takes center stage and invites you to enter the world of cocktail mixing. We will demonstrate the techniques that are used to create tantalizing cocktails using springtime herbs from our gardens, which will allow you to create beautifully crafted cocktails for your friends. Each cocktail demonstrated will be sampled and then paired perfectly with Chef Elsie’s scrumptious cuisine. Come ready to eat, drink, and toast the spring and summer months ahead. This workshop is a great for a ladies’ night out. Register Now

SE-24, Sun., May 6, 1:00 p.m., $75 NEW
“DROUGHT SMART” HEART PLANTER: Even the Tin Man Wanted this Heart!
Containers for succulents can range from the unique to the common, rustic to the classic. We enjoy growing hens and chickens at the farm and planting them in a variety of containers to include shoes, chicken feeders and our favorite, a tin heart. Constructed of tin ribbons woven into a heart, this 15” x 14” lattice sculpture is perfect for nesting in hens and chickens for the summer.  This drought resistant heart planter is a creative way to grow these beautiful succulents all year round. Chef Elsie will prepare a wonderful Mediterranean luncheon before planting this decorative heart shaped planter. Register Now

SE-25, Wed., May 9, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
On a recent S.E. oversea tour of Italy, we were fortunate to see the beautiful rolling hills and olive groves planted, especially in the Tuscany region. The buckets used to collect olives are interesting in shape and design.  With a touch of rustic charm, these olive buckets are used to gather and wash the fruit (we call them vegetables) during the harvest season. In this workshop, each guest will experience planting three smaller replicas of this bucket that features a slotted, hammered galvanized metal exterior with rust colored trim. The buckets are attached to a 27” rod which you can use to hang on an outside fence or in any room inside your home.  When not utilized as planters, we fill ours with dried lavender, kitchen sponges, or shower soaps. Enjoy an evening creating an authentic Italian design and enjoy a Tuscan Meal prepared by our Chef Elsie.
Register Now

SE-26, Thur., May 10, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW
FOUR BIRDS AND A DINNER: This planter will steal your heart!
Grace your porch or kitchen window sill with our tin planter with bird embellishments.  Bring country charm to any space with this “three pot and four bird silhouettes tin planter” adorned with your favorite kitchen herbs or plants of your choosing. This planter is perfect for showcasing plants, greenery, or your favorite botanical blooms that will add interest and vibrancy to your indoor or outdoor décor all year long. Each guest will enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Elsie, followed by planting this beautiful and versatile planter with plants selected by Scott. Register Now

SE-27, Fri., May 11, 6:30 p.m., $75
Artful metal shapes for training and growing roses and vines have a refinement all their own. Recreate the elegance of a European garden with an attractive six-foot metal garden obelisk crowned with a decorative finial. An obelisk will add charm and purpose to your garden’s décor. Built for durability, it will support and display your favorite climbing vines in the summer and a bird feeder during the winter months. Touring our gardens, you will learn about twirling, alluring vines, climbing plants, and walk-through arbors. Thomas Jefferson was known for gardening and making wine. During a dinner prepared by Chef Elsie, we will pay tribute to our third President by enjoying some of his favorite foods inspired by his passion. You will take home a scarlet runner bean from the Heritage Collection at Monticello, plus a climbing plant selected by Scott. Your obelisk will measure six-foot; please drive a vehicle to accommodate your creation. Your evening will start with our Southern Exposure spin on one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite cocktail inspired by Monticello. Register Now

SE-28, Sat., May 12, 9:00 a.m., $75
This really is “for the birds!”

Your feathered friends will be saying, “What in the blooming world will they think of next?” Whatever your style, you have taken the time to create a garden, and only true gardeners know the enjoyment of finding the perfect garden ornament. Birdhouses are classic garden ornaments which give our feathered friends a home to raise their young. This workshop is really “for the birds” and focuses on what attracts birds to birdhouses, and will concentrate on the three elements of a bird’s life: food, water, and shelter for raising their young. Additionally, you will “shingle” your own personal wooden birdhouse with wheat grasses (your birds will do their own thatching) that attracts and helps your feathered friends to feel right at home. Chef Elsie will prepare one of her signature breakfasts to jump-start your morning. Register Now

SE-29, Sat., May 12, 1:00 p.m., $75
FOUR GARDENS and a LUNCH: Inspired by four former first ladies!
Spring is here, and life is lush and full as the longer days settle into a gentle rhythm. Like a song’s first note, spring begins with one bloom at a time. Spend an afternoon learning about four different specialty gardens: hummingbird and butterfly; culinary herb garden; colorful perennials; and the top ten annuals for 2018. At the beginning, lunch will be rich in historical lore. Chef Elsie has picked recipes from garden luncheons hosted by four former First Ladies. At the end, you will take home four plants selected by Scott. Register Now

SE-30, Wed., May 16, 6:30 p.m., $75 NEW 
When it comes to home and garden design, we have always had a penchant for the rustic and traditional.  We appreciate the beauty of natural containers made of stone or logs. In this workshop, you will learn how to make a log container that can be used all year round. Inspired by a small, local tavern on the banks of the Rhine River, and where logs are plentiful and used to hollowed out and made into their incredibly looking window boxes  We instantly knew we had to re-create this design and idea for a workshop here at the farm. You will fill your 10” x 16” log planter to the brim with flowering plants to display on your deck or patio. Chef Elsie will prepare a European dinner for you to enjoy before planting this natural and elegant container. Register Now

SE-31, Fri., May 18, 6:30 p.m., $80
Lanterns aren’t just for the house anymore! 

While visiting Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, we ran across a creative idea for building a small conservatory inside a lantern. This conservatory with miniature plants, candle, and proper lighting, will give romantic lantern lighting in the evening, but a beautifully displayed conservatory during the day. This double duty of a lantern and miniature garden looked magical. Lanterns with their grace can make your garden look stylish and romantic. In this workshop, you will design a garden lantern into a small conservatory filled with miniature botanicals and a candle which will transform your garden into a romantic place. Upon your arrival, Chef Elsie will enchant you with a luscious dinner under the soft radiance of our Milking Parlor chandeliers and you will be greeted with a moonlit themed cocktail that you will be able to enjoy in the gardens as you arrive. Register Now

SE-32, Sun., May 20, 1:00 p.m., $75
GROW UP…with VERTICAL GARDENING: Up, up and away!
Think you don't have enough space to grow a lot of plants? Tired of looking at that boring garage wall? Is your back sore from bending over to weed your flower beds? Need a little shade or more privacy from your neighbors? Then grow up!  If you've got a blank wall or bare fence that needs beautifying, you can tend edibles, annuals, even perennials with the vertical gardening ideas presented in this workshop — all of which inspire high hopes for the season ahead. Before we begin our discussion of the advantages of vertical gardening, Chef Elsie will prepare a summer feast to “whet your appetite.” Afterwards, you will plant a 12” by 22” vertical garden in a homemade structure to take home to be displayed indoors or outdoors, in full sun or shade, depending on the plants selected. Register Now

SE-33, Wed., May 23, 6:30 p.m., $75
Mark the start of spring with a new tradition!

Containers brimming with plump, vigorous plants turn just about any nook or cranny into an inviting retreat. Suspended from a porch ceiling, lamppost, or even a tree, hanging planters positively dazzle – adding a whole new dimension to your home. Enjoy a wonderful French dining experience prepared by Chef Elsie and a delightful evening planting a hanging wire basket filled to the brim with edible flowers, herbs, and scented botanicals. Whether you snip the plants for aromatic garnishes in drinks or mince them for desserts, this attractive and multi-purpose basket will be enjoyed all season long. Register Now

SE-34, Thur., May 24, 6:30 p.m., $80
YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE: French dinner with Versailles slipper lantern!
Nothing is more powerful than light in the darkness of night. The ancient Chinese captured fireflies in transparent containers to create a short-term lantern. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used lanterns of enclosed glass with a candle. Lanterns are also used to transport the Holy Fire from the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem during Holy Week. Marie Antoinette used slipper lanterns to light up her lavish parties at Versailles. While visiting Paris on a recent Southern Exposure River Boat Cruise, we discovered a beautiful French slipper lantern. Spend an evening at the farm enjoying a wonderful French Dinner. You will then embellish an exquisite lantern complete with spring decor to serve as the focal point in your home. And yes, as Mrs. Antoinette would say, "Let them eat cake," so guess what Chef Elsie is serving for dessert. Register Now

SE-35, Fri., May 25, 6:30 p.m., $75
Southern Exposure’s Spring Classic

A recent vacation to an Italian villa near the Mediterranean Sea was the inspiration for this workshop. The setting was a small sidewalk Bistro where strawberry jars adorned the streets with color and scent of fresh herbs. Throughout the evening, fresh herbs were picked and added to the menu selection. Spend an evening creating a portable garden using a strawberry jar, perfect for the kitchen window, balcony, or an outdoor table. You will fill your strawberry jar with edible flowers and herbs including basil, rosemary, and thyme. As Chef Elsie prepares a luscious Italian Dinner, Curtis will be making his legendary strawberry daiquiris to keep you refreshed and cheery…to celebrate the end of a long week. Register Now

SE-36, Wed., May 30, 6:30 p.m., $75
FLOWER FOUNTAIN with DINNER and LINZERTORTE: More than a splash of color!
Brighten your garden or patio with a magnificent container composition which is created by stacking smaller terracotta pots into larger ones. Terracotta literally means “baked earth” and was originally from the Mediterranean where it was used for storing olives, wine, and water. Scott saw these dramatic flower fountains in Vienna and knew their function and charm would be a powerful addition to your garden or patio. You will plant and design your charming flower fountain to enjoy for the entire summer. Chef Elsie will mesmerize you with a delectable Austrian Dinner and a favorite dessert which Scott enjoyed while dining in a quaint, old-world Vienna Café. Register Now

SE-37, Thur., May 31, 6:30 p.m., $85
MY BIRDCAGE HAS SUCCULENTS: Seriously, this is for the birds! 
Do you love succulents as much as we do at Southern Exposure?  If so, odds are you will love this birdcage planter. Succulents are awesome plants as they require little water and can be planted almost anywhere. Birdcage planters make for an effortless way to repurpose an old birdcage …or use a new one to grow your succulents. With little more than succulents, a birdcage, and soil, you can add a splash of greenery to your home or garden.  But first, a mouth-watering dinner prepared by Chef Elsie awaits you followed by an overview of succulents. You will fill your birdcage with succulents selected by Scott. Take it home to hang outdoors in your garden or on your patio.  Leave the door open and you will create a safe haven for your feathered friends to possibly visit throughout the summer season. Register Now

SE-38, Fri., Jun 1, 6:30 p.m., $70
A beautiful combination of black and white plants inspires this workshop.  We experienced this planting tradition when we visited the Giverny Musee’ des Impressionisms in France. The Jardins were planted with large areas of black foliage with contrasting white plants, and the mix was stunning.  We have found that planting black and white vintage plants amongst our landscapes and containers at S.E. produces a calm and harmonious space. Let us share the annuals, shade dwellers, perennials, and bi-annuals that follow this rich tradition. Each guest will take home four black and white plants to enjoy.  Chef Elsie will prepare an all-white French Dinner with Chocolate Crème Brule for dessert. As you arrive a black and white themed cocktail will be waiting for you to enjoy. Register Now

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